Friday, March 24, 2006

People don't really change do they?

Look what I have just found lurking in a bag from over 20 years ago! Knitted squares, one of them unfinished which is amusing as I believe the pattern came from a fragment of some knitting in a museum.
As far as I can remember, all but two of the squares are from Richard Rutt, then Bishop of Leicester's, HISTORY OF HANDKNITTING. I may have found the two eagles in a book of heraldic symbols and plonked them onto squared paper, I can't really remember. The date with names and a date is Steve and me and the date we were married, all those millions of years ago.
And finally... the face / mask is a newspaper advert for headache pills!!! I was messing about with bits and pieces even then. Not yet freeform but definitely not just knitting endless pullovers in stocking stitch. Maybe I should buy some more fawn, maroon and grey-y green cheapo yarn and finish the blanket and maybe include some sanquhar patterns.

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Judith in Australia said...

These squares are relly interesting. Did the book ave actual patterns or did you 'invent' them? Hope to see you do something with them.