Sunday, June 18, 2006

LAB (London Architecture Biennale)

I'd like to pretend that it was my intellectual side that made me suggest to the youngest offspring that we hop on a train up to London town and visit part of the LONDON ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE. However, I must come clean and confess that it was actually the lure of sheep, in this case, Herdwick sheep from Cumbria and ........ knitting.

The two young architects shown knitting are JENNY WYNESS & ERICA CALOGERO, part of the team that envisaged and realised this project. More information can be found at and from
They are keen to cooperate with other groups and maybe even more into crochet as well. I asked their permission to put their photos on here (something we should all remember to do).


feltedfibers said...

WOW this is fantastic!

dovegreyreader said...

I shall never be satisfied with a pair of Size 10's again and am now going out to dig up a couple of telegraph poles and get knitting me a mansion.

Hapto said...

Thank you for sharing this knitted house thing! so NIFTY!