Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Never Felt So Good!

Almost half a year since we first met, Dawn and I met up again to play with fibrous stuffs. This time it was at a felt workshop with Gillian Gladrag (alias Gillian Harris).

Her home is a wondrous Aladdin's Cave of colourful arty stuff. No details here. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise in case you decide to take part in one of her classes. No more than five in a group and lunch provided. Who needs afternoon tea at the Ritz? Who needs a weekend at a spa retreat? This is the stuff for stressed-out souls. Fluffy, soapy colour therapy.

Arranged around the soap dish and small pieces of merino fleece tops are the five items made by the five of us who eagerly lapped up Gillian's expertise, enthusiasm and tea-making skills.

For those of you who know Dawn and me, can you guess which are our works of art?


feltedfibers said...

sounds a wonderful workshop, I have just received her book "Complete Feltmaking" wonderful inspiration!! it came with a lovely little broach Gillian had made. Perhaps I will make it to one of her worksops one day.

Marquita said...

I was looking for G.H. on the web and I came across your blog. It's good to know that her workshops are wonderful. As far as I can see, they are as wonderful as her work.
I'm trying to organise a ws with her, but in Portugal (Algarve). Fingers crossed!!!!