Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good news / bad news ?

The good news is:

Someone loves me enough to send me a book......

BUT the bad news is:
All that arrived was an empty envelope with a huge shark-bite out of it and no contents.

The even BADERER news, as one of my children used to say, is that when I popped down to my local sorting office at the crack of dawn this morning I was told that I would have to phone CUSTOMER SERVICES aaaaghhh!

I wonder if it was this edition?

Oh yes, forgot to tell you - I have finished "A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian". If you are in between books at the moment the I can highly recommend it for an entertaining but thought- provoking read.

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Dawn said...

Hello! I'm reading "A short history of tractors in Ukraninian" at the moment. I'm really enjoying it. The salt and pepper shakers he bought you are lovely!!!