Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blue Wensleydale

Not it's not a cheese, it's some roving that my Devonian friend, Lynne, was going to learn to spin with. Due to a mystery injury she's decided to give spinning a miss and so I promised to spin it up for her. She's hoping for sock yarn but I'm afraid that my spinning is still at the "what you get is what you get" stage!!!

Winding the yarn around the daybed end resulted in skeins that could only be hung to dry in the shower. however winding around the back of the wooden armchair meant that the skeins were short enough to hang up over the kitchen sink. Here you can see how I set the ply with the aid of two full tin cans.


Funkyewe said...

I love Wensleydale fiber! The color is gorgeous...like a sunny clear blue sky...just what I need to see as well as the colors of the sun!


dovegreyreader said...

Fed up looking at this now, what have you made it into? Three weeks on is usually time enough for you to have created something the size of a football pitch
PS wrong link to my blog!