Monday, April 24, 2006

In Tandem Sanquhar Knitting

On the left Ladies and Gentlemen - the goal. On the right - progress so far.
I'm attempting to knit these "Sanquhar Gloves" in tandem with my erudite partner in crime dovegrey reader. When she get's all crafty she calls herself glovegrey knitter.

In case you are not impressed this endeavour is akin to climbing Everest or rowing the Atlantic single-handed. The needles are 1.5mm and I couldn't find them available anywhere in the UK. We had to send to Germany for them. That's just the needles. The wool is 2 ply Shetland Lace yarn from Jamieson & Smith.

Watch this space!


dovegreyreader said...

I'm sorry but I think you've used zoom enlargement on this, mine is but a slither by comparison.

pumpkink said...

Oooh, I want a pair, CraftyPerson!!!

dovegreyreader said...

I've just looked again, are you only working on three needles while I struggle to control 4?