Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In A Spin

Spun up some of my hand-dyed fleece the batch I called "Beowolf"at the time - all greeny-brown and very earthy. I used some of it to crochet some simple square coasters to protect the tables at the cottage and left them behind as a thank you. My final skein of "Beowolf" came out as boucle - not quite sure why. The orangey-yellowy skeins were super-soft though.


Funkyewe said...

Love the orangey-yellow skeins...we can agree on such cheerry colors!

Beowulf looks interesting...I think I need to see the movie!


weavercherie said...

Hey there I lurve this. Now you will have to dye a Grendel. He was the arch enemy of Beowulf which you probably know. Will write to you privately soon. Cherie J